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Jim Ellis Audi Atlanta Discusses Recent, Impressive Audi Sales Stats

New Audi models are as popular as ever right here in the greater Atlanta area. And, apparently we're not the only area in the U.S. where this is the case.

The above notion can be proven a bit by the latest sales numbers for Audi in the month of June. Specifically, the German automaker finished the month with a total of 13,706 model sold, representing an 8.2 percent increase from the previous year.

This total number and calculated percentage increase are not only impressive, in-and-of-themselves, but especially so when you factor in that it is the 30th month is a row in which Audi has broken its best-ever sales, something we at Jim Ellis Audi Atlanta are very impressed with.

So, how did our favorite new Audi models fare for June? Here is the breakdown for a few:

June 2013 Audi Sales at a Glance

  • the Audi A4 sold a total of 3,248 units for a 1.9 percent increase from the year, previous
  • the Audi A5 sold a total of 1,821 units for a 13.3 percent increase from the year, previous
  • the Audi A6 sold a total of 1,892 units for a 8.4 percent increase from the year, previous
  • the Audi Allroad sold a total of 576 units for a 10.8 percent increase from the year, previous
  • the Audi Q5 sold a total of 3,493 units for a 25.6 percent increase from the year, previous
  • the Audi Q7 sold a total of 1,227 units for a 78.3 percent increase from the year, previous

If you' d like the chance to learn more about these listed models or any of the other ones we have at our Audi dealership, please don't hesitate to visit Jim Ellis Audi Atlanta at 5901 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., anytime you'd like.

  [INFO]: http://www.audiusanews.com/newsrelease.do;jsessionid=55F5DABDB5E595181448D20FB5DB304E?&id=3493&allImage=1&teaser=audi-achieves-30th-consecutive-month-record-u.s-sales&mid=1
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